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Powering Australian Renewables Fund (PowAR)

March 2021

Jordan Kraiten - Head of Infrastructure Investments

As a Hostplus member, your savings are invested in a broad range of assets, including major infrastructure projects across Australia and around the world¹.

In fact, Hostplus invests more than $4 billion in infrastructure assets, including renewable energy, innovative waste solutions, seaports and airports. These are nation-building assets that positively contribute to our standard of living and way of life, while aiming to grow your super at the same time.

The Australian-based Powering Australian Renewables Fund (PowAR) is one of those assets.

PowAR was established in partnership with AGL Energy to drive the development of large-scale renewable energy projects. It's currently Australia’s largest renewable energy business (by operational capacity). PowAR generates enough renewable energy to power more than 450,000 average Australian homes each year.

PowAR’s two windfarms and two solar farms, are helping Australia’s transition to a more sustainable energy future.

PowAR’s impressive Silverton Wind Farm  in NSW (pictured) was completed in May 2020 and is now generating at full capacity. The 58 turbines are expected to generate approximately 780,000 megawatt hours of clean, renewable electricity each year, which can power the equivalent of around 136,000 homes each year.

PowAR’s soon-to-be-completed Coopers Gap Wind Farm, a 453 megawatt wind farm in the Western Downs and South Burnett regions of Queensland, will be one of the largest in Australia. Once completed, Coopers Gap will power the equivalent of 264,000 homes each year.

With Hostplus, your investments are powering a renewable energy future.

¹ Applicable for members in Hostplus’ default Balanced option, other pre-mixed options (except Indexed Balanced), and our Infrastructure options. Not applicable for all investment options.